Neck: muscle pain, wear & tear, disc prolapse, headaches & migraines

Shoulders:  rotator cuff impingement, tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, muscle pain, bursitis

Back pain: muscle pain, disc prolapse, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, arthritis, facet joint pain

Hip Pain: muscle pain, bursitis, arthritis, referred pain

Knee pain: muscle pain, ligament sprains / strains, tendinopathy, bursitis, meniscal pain, inflammation, arthritis, patella tracking

Ankle pain: ligament strains or sprains, arthritis, tendinopathy, muscle pain,

Foot pain: sprains/ strains, plantar fasciitis, arthritis.


At the Ascot Health Practice we have an extensive list of conditions and problems that we can treat. Whether your pain is directly linked to an old injury or has just come about, our thorough examinations will allow us to reveal what the problems are so that we know what the best protocol is to help you get better as quickly as possible